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Court Rules and Forms

Court Rules and Forms

The forms listed on this page may be used for filing in the Susquehanna County Court of Common Pleas. The Court strongly recommends that persons obtain legal counsel, however in the event persons decide to pursue actions without counsel, these forms may prove useful. It is the Petitioner’s responsibility to ensure that:

All forms are filled in completely, clearly and legibly. Information that cannot be understood could result in a dismissal of the Petition. Supporting documentation should be attached to the Petition.

Petitioners are responsible for the payment of filing fees. If persons believe they cannot afford filing fees they must file Petition for In Forma Pauperis and obtain an order directing the waiver of filing fees.

Petitioner must serve all parties involved in the case with a copy of the petition and a copy of any scheduling Order that may arise from the Petition.

Personnel from offices within this courthouse may not offer legal advice and cannot assist you beyond providing access to the forms. Again, obtaining legal counsel is strongly recommended. For information on Susquehanna County Legal Aid call Northern Pennsylvania Legal Services at (877) 953-4250. The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts maintains a comprehensive listing of legal forms for the public, self-litigants, law enforcement and the judiciary which can be found at http://www.pacourts.us/forms. Additional Family Court forms and pro se assistance can be found at the Pennsylvania Law Help website.

Westlaw access is available to the public at the Susquehanna County Courthouse in the Pro-Se Area.

The Susquehanna County Law Library is available during normal business hours.