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ALERT!! Development site for Susquehanna County

Susquehanna County offers room for businesses to grow, easy access to global markets and an unbeatable quality of life. Known as the “Top of the Endless Mountains”, Susquehanna County has an active intermodal siding, two Class 1 rail lines and is home to Elk Mountain, PA’s premier ski resort.

Susquehanna County is located at the top of the Endless Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania, along the I-81 corridor. Susquehanna County is situated between Binghamton, NY and the Wilkes-Barre- Scranton metropolitan regions. More than 40% of the U.S. population and its purchasing power, and more than 60% of Canada’s population is located within 500 miles of Susquehanna County. 

Tick Borne Diseases Task Force

Available Community Resources

Community Resources

Community Links

County Bridges

State and Federal Legislators

U.S. Senate
John Fetterman
Bob Casey Jr 

State Senators
Lisa Baker

9th Congressional District:
Dan Meuser

111th District Representee:
Jonathan Fritz 

Susquehanna County Commissioners

Elizabeth M. Arnold, Chairman
Alan M. Hall, Vice-Chair
Judith Herschel, Commissioner

Rebekah Hubbard, Chief Clerk
Christopher Gabriel, Solicitor

Susquehanna County Courthouse
(570) 278-4600
PO Box 218
31 Lake Avenue
Montrose, PA 18801