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Treatment Court

The Susquehanna County Treatment Court has been designed to offer non-violent offenders who are substance dependent the treatment and intensive supervision they need in lieu of lengthy jail sentences. This program is a four-phase program that is a minimum of 12 months to complete.

Why does the county need a treatment court?

  • Treatment Courts reduce crime rates substantially.
  • Treatment Courts save money by reducing rearrests and incarceration rates.
  • Treatment Courts work to restore families.
  • Treatment Courts ensure compliance.


The mission of the Susquehanna County Treatment Court Program is to reduce substance abuse, recidivism, and the number of criminal caseloads on the Court’s docket. It is the goal of the program to provide repeat drug and alcohol offenders the necessary tools to maximize their ability to lead a crime free life; graduate individuals who are clean and sober, have more job and education opportunities, have better relationships with their families and friends, and have a positive outlook on life.


The criminal justice system has become inundated with substance abuse related criminal offenses. Changes in laws and sentencing guidelines have increased the population in our correctional facilities.

To combat this growing issue, hundreds of jurisdictions nation-wide have piloted an innovative approach to handling substance abuse offenders.  Treatment Court combines intensive substance abuse treatment with increased court supervision to maximize the chances that addicted defendants will maintain substance and crime free lifestyles. Treatment Court is unique in that it represents a much closer working union between treatment and the criminal justice system than what is traditionally seen in the criminal courts. The end result is a greater likelihood that offenders will remain drug-free and become productive members of society, while avoiding further contacts with the criminal justice system.

For these reasons, the Susquehanna County Court of Common Pleas has instituted the Susquehanna County Treatment Court Program. The crux of the Treatment Court Program is a heightened level of judicial involvement and intensive probation supervision.  Direct and frequent contact between the offender and the President Judge motivates program compliance.  Additionally, immediate judicial reaction to successes and failures encourages the participant’s rehabilitation.

National Drug Court Facts

Several studies have proven that treatment courts are more effective than jail sentences and standard probation supervision alone. Studies have shown that treatment courts reduce drug use and crime while being the most cost-effective program in the criminal justice system. For more information on treatment courts see the quick links below.

Quick Links

Visit:  https://www.nadcp.org/

National Drug Court Facts (PDF).pdf

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Treatment Court

Jeff Shoemaker - Chief Probation Officer 

Brittany Hartman - Treatment Court Probation Officer/Coordinator

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