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Small Games of Chance

Small Games of Chance

Any eligible nonprofit organization, with its normal business site within a municipality that has passed the Small Games of Chance Act, can acquire a Small Games of Chance License.

Eligible nonprofit organizations are defined by the Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance Act 195 of 1990 as charitable or religious organizations; branches, lodges or chapters of national or statewide veteran, civic, or fraternal organizations. Volunteer fire companies, wildlife and conservation groups, and sportsmen's organizations are examples of local civic organizations. It can also include school booster groups that are established to promote and encourage participation and support for extra-curricular activities as long as said groups have been recognized as such by a resolution passed by the governing school board or directors.


  • Check, cashier's check, money order, or cash in the amount of the total application fee payable to Susquehanna County Treasurer. 
  • A schedule of all officers including all positions. Attach a separate sheet of paper if not able to fit all officers in space provided.
  • If incorporated, a copy of the applicant's articles of incorporation. If not incorporated, a copy of bylaws or other legal documents that define the organization’s structure and purposes.
  • Documentation indicating the organization has been fulfilling its purpose for one year prior to applying for a license is required.
  • A copy of the applicant's Internal Revenue Service Tax exemption approval letter or official documentation indicating the applicant is a non-profit or charitable organization from the Department of the State.
  • Each club (a club is defined as a group that holds a liquor license) which raises over $20,000 in proceeds must file a Semi-Annual Club License Report with the United States Department of Revenue. The filed Semi-Annual Club License Report must be turned in with the Small Games of Chance application


Monthly License

A monthly license is valid for 30 consecutive days from the date of issuance. There is no restriction on the number of monthly licenses an eligible organization may obtain, but the licenses may not overlap. You may purchase up to three monthly licenses at one time. $25

Standard Games of Chance License

Valid for one year from the date of issuance.  $125

Special Raffle Permit

Can be obtained by any organization holding a valid standard license and allows one (1) raffle permit with a combination of prize values in excess of $2,000 total. $25

Special raffle permits are available to regular and monthly licensees.  The special raffle permit authorizes a holder to conduct a raffle that exceeds the normal prize limits applicable to games of chance.  As a general rule, a licensed eligible organization may obtain up to 10 special raffle permits.  Total prizes awarded under all special raffle permits may not exceed $150,000.  Volunteer fire, ambulance, rescue or conservation organizations may obtain up to 12 special raffle permits and award up to $250,000 in prizes.  For a licensed eligible organization with a regular license, the organization can receive either 10 or 12 special raffle permits during the annual license term.  Because a licensed eligible organization that obtains only a monthly license does not have an annual licensed term, such organization may receive no more than 10 or 12 special permits in any calendar year.

Raffles conducted under a special permit:  Licensed eligible organizations can apply to the county treasurer for special permits.  Raffles conducted under a special permit are not subject to the general prize limitations above.  Licensed eligible organizations are eligible to receive up to 10 special permits and may award up to $150,000 from all special permit raffles.  Volunteer fire, ambulance, rescue or conservation organizations that are not club licensees are eligible for up to 12 special permits and may award up to $250,000 from all special permit raffles.