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Silver Lake Township

Silver Lake    Township
Silver Lake Township
Silver Lake Township
Office Phone:
(570) 663-2126
(570) 663-2124
936 John McNamara Drive, Montrose, PA 18801
Francis Fruehan
Richard DeLousia
Evan Everitt

Day: 1st Monday of the Month
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Township Building, 936 John C McNamara Drive, Montrose PA 18801

Tax Collector: John Nagy

Secretary/Treasurer: Sandy Brink

Emergency Management: 

Disaster/Emergency Contact: Evan Everitt

Trees Down, Roads, Cinders Etc.: Evan Everitt

Sewage Enforcement: Susquehanna County Council of Governments (COG)

Code Enforcement: Code Inspections Inc. (570) 928-9208

Solicitor: Paul Litwin

Driveway Permit: Yes
Building Permit: Yes
Zoning: No
Planning Ordinance: Yes
Comprehensive Plan: Yes
Flood Plain Management Ordinance: Yes
Hazard Mitigation Plan: Yes
COG Member: Yes
COG Sewage Committee: Yes